In each of the fifty-three weeks in 2020, I'll show an image that will be linked to a perfume. The single perfume, can only be smelled at the workshop the corresponding week.

You are welcome to experiment 2020 in visual smells.


Set. 1
Flat and short
Set. 2
Our home
Set. 3 Perseverance
Set. 4 Mirage
Set. 5
Save or Hide?


Week 6 Water on Stone
Week 7 Pomell Etern
Week 8 Carnival
Week 9 shelter


Set. 10 Woman and You
Set. 11 Walking down the Ferran Street
Set. 12 Confinement
Set. 13 Grate or support?
Set. 14 Utensils of memories


Week 15

A Monday on Sunday
Week 16

The rabbit that ate the monkey egg
Week 17

Rosa, Rosae, Rosam
Week 18

I spy, with my little eye


Week 19

A poppy in the kitchen

Week 20

Confined work

Week 21

Screw removes horn (catalan children's popular song)

Week 22



Set. 23 Who are you?
Set. 24 Pica-sol
Set. 25 No littering
Set. 26 Where is the Eve?
Set. 27 Retain time


Week 28 Welcome home