In each of the fifty-three weeks in 2020, I'll show an image that will be linked to a perfume. The single perfume, can only be smelled at the workshop the corresponding week.

You are welcome to experiment 2020 in visual smells.


Set. 1
Flat and short
Set. 2
Our home
Set. 3 Perseverance
Set. 4 Mirage
Set. 5
Save or Hide?


Week 6
Water on Stone
Week 7
Pomell Etern
Week 8 Carnival
Week 9 shelter


Set. 10
Woman and You
Set. 11 Walking down the Ferran Street
Set. 12 Confinement
Set. 13
Grate or support?
Set. 14
Utensils of memories


Week 15
A Monday on Sunday
Week 16
The rabbit that ate the monkey egg
Week 17
Rosa, Rosae, Rosam
Week 18
I spy, with my little eye


Week 19
A poppy in the kitchen
Week 20
Confined work
Week 21
Screw removes horn (catalan children's popular song)
Week 22


Set. 23
Who are you?
Set. 24
Set. 25
No littering
Set. 26
Where is the Eve?
Set. 27 Retain time


Week 28 Welcome home
Week 29
Breakfast with the Symphony
Week 30
and he left
Week 31
It's called Gothic, Gothic Quarter


Set. 32
Brava Calm
Set. 33
Urban Decoration
Set. 34
Set. 35
Light of Shadows
Set. 36
Music without Sponsorships


Week 37
Fragrant Herbarium
Week 38
Face to Gallery
Week 39
Collected Parties
Week 40
Domestic Elegance


Week 41
People = 0
Week 42
Referent Rejected
Week 43
Stop and Smell
Week 44
Chestnut Heat


Set. 45 Extending the Darkness
Set. 46 The Mezzanine Garden
Set. 47 Especiant Ornaments
Set. 48 El Tort de Sta. Lucia