Masks, Carnival and a little perfume

Carnival masks and
Carnival masks and

Spectacular and serene, masks everything that surrounds, take possession of the wearer. It is the time.

After a long tradition of daily use, where everyone could go where I wanted without being recognized and said that it seemed, sense tenir repercussions, are now sought within a short period of time and may therefore, are so elaborate and splendid. Masks defining Pulcinella, Arlecchino or Pantalone's theatrical, remain spectators with le Bauta and Moretti used socially, before the explosion of the Venetian Carnival.

Pulcinella is a character in the comedy-century art 17 and became a puppet character Neapolitan. Dress in white with a black mask, his cunning character, manifests a particular voice that wants to show others that it is very, very silly.
The harlequins representing a humble servant and a great sense of humor, ended up wearing elegant colorful diamond, which mirror, originally represented their clothing patches servile.
The character of the merchant Pantalone reduces your ego and all the money. Is a character elderly,widowed or single.
He wears a mask that reflects short age.


The Reduced in Venice (Pietro Longhi) 1750
The Reduced in Venice (Pietro Longhi) 1750

The Bauta was a mask that completely covered her face and was completed with a sendale it was a black shawl covering her head and shoulders which culminated a black tricornio. Used to loving encounter, political or secret visits.

The Moretta was a black velvet mask covering his round with the most significant female face, but not all its diameter, used to hide their identity in public.

plague doctor
Physicians in the Middle Ages, using a mask over the nose, that was full of herbs to protect the fetid air of the areas where they were affected.

Except for the mask or the Apothecary also known by Dottore Peste, I had a purpose clearly protective against infection, the rest was a tool to get a temporary freedom, speech or action. Since it seems, that stretch the hand sleeve, finished first banning and limiting its use after.

Today, masks of Venice and the surrounding stands for hedonistic passion for the design and elegant spectacle for visitors. Under the painting, i venues rhinestones, the unknown carrier remains anonymous for a few days in Venice returns to his ancestral essence.

perfume and masks
perfume and masks

Near always the opportunity to dress up and coexist in the perfume. The perfume carefully chosen as part of the costume is a subtle element that determines the impact of the presentation. Therefore, I advise to complement the costume with perfumes or scents most appropriate. Aromatic Greeks, jasmine and sandalwood for Marie Antoinette, resins for primitive, defined fruit aromas, per a sea sirens….. and when the application note that masks and accessories are perfect bases for perfume and fragrance spread.

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