European Art Trades Conference

Tiana – Barcelona 2021

Of 2002 and as an initiative of the INMA (French National Institute of Crafts) the doors of artisan workshops, not only in France, if not in the rest of Europe they open for that “to offer the general public a unique encounter with the artisans present in their home, whose workshops are often unknown”

Here it is centralized via a Galician association.

The spirit of the French event is reflected in our home in TO (Open Workshops) an always interesting open door format, although for now, despite the Catalan artisan world, is present throughout the country, as can be seen in the Catalan Crafts Week, the TOs only manage Barcelona city and L’Hospitalet.

BCN Open Workshops - Associació Ceramistes de Catalunya

For these European Days of Crafts, The Secret Garden® presented experimentally, the first count of the cabbage·collection “Listen to the trees”

Within the days of the educational seminar “The Perfume of the Trees” and coinciding with the month of the literary festival of Sant Jordi, the first story of the cabbage will be presented·collection “Listen to the trees”, a collection of stories about the secrets of these plants in complicity with perfumery.

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