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Lined box containing:

20 1ml vials. of the related perfumes: 18 A splash of perfume 2 with Mediterranean´s undertones .

1 book with the representation of 18 pictures and its scented reference

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18 A splash of perfume 2 with Mediterranean´s undertones

MediterràniaSens was born as the union of Josep Delgado’s painting and the perfume of El Jardí Secret .
The eighteen Mediterranean pictures, were the inspiration source to create each of the initial perfumes . Those fragrances rather than trying to translate the paintings, are purely an expressions of my own perception. In this event did this·collection

Later I completed two perfumes with gastronomic inspiration, I elaborated a Grasse.

  1. Blau de Croàcia (Blue Croatia)
  2. Boira al port (Fog in the port)
  3. Brillant decadència (Brilliant decadence)
  4. Cadaqués
  5. Capvespre (Sunset)
  6. Colors de Llum (Colours of light)
  7. Dins del bosc (In the forest)
  8. El Far (The Lighthouse)
  9. Et veig mar (I See You Sea)
  10. Hi havia una vegada (Once upon a time...) …
  11. La darrera góndola (The last gondola)
  12. Macaralleta
  13. Porta del desert (Gate of the desert)
  14. Roba estesa (Clothesline)
  15. Santorini
  16. Ses Salines
  17. Ter
  18. Tiber
  19. Gurmet
  20. Tast (Taste)


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