aromatic plants and kitchens
aromatic plants and kitchens

I like the smell of herbs framed in the cold stone kitchens… Esperança Cases 2008


June 2015 aromàtic
While living a grandmother, a grandfather or someone who wants to preserve the memory of his culinary doctrine and healer, we won't forget the smells of aromatic herbs.

Tyme soup
Tyme soup

In the Mediterranean, we have many plants that manifested itself by its odor even when they are dry. Exude an aromatic scent that has become a cooking condiment , ingredient in the traditional care and perfumery reference to the use of essential oils resulting from the distillation ·of the same plants.
Rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage, are some examples of the wealth that can provide us with a humble plant.

Not far from the time when the return of country walks or nearby forest or not , supplied various aromatic herbs gathered near the road. In almost all the kitchens of the houses of our childhood, floated odors from dried bouquets ready to use in a roast, in a soup, an infusion or a poultice.

Aromatic plants preserve an ancient tradition· full of comfort and seem to resist being closed inside listed bags, preferring to be represented by an expert adviser herbalist, those lifetime.

aromatic maceration

From the standpoint of perfume, matter resulting from naturalaromatic herbs are in essence like themselves: dominating poignant , that's the reason why they have been used with great care, but its use provides a wide range of shades.


This June El Jardí Secret will participate in two traditional aromatic events

XXIVº herbs and artisan products fair - Vilanova de Sau

Tast Tiana 2015


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