Curs 2019 – 2020

Exclusive perfume studio ny Art Lab.
Training from the base experimentation, only six natural elements for creative enthusiasts perfume.

BcnArtLab, presenta un programa fet a mida per l’aprenentatge de la perfumeria creativa i experimental, partint de matèries naturals provinents d’arreu del món.
Després de tres dècades en el món de la perfumeria he dissenyat el programa que m’hagués agradat trobar, en els meus inicis.

Estudi de Perfumeria Creativa i Experimental
Escola Internacional de Perfumeria Creativa i Experimental

En condició d’acadèmica perfumista natural, lideraré aquests cursos amb el coneixement d’anys d’un ofici pel que tinc passió i del que en cada perfum n’aprenc una mica més. It is very rewarding to be able to guide others people discover the world of perfumery; knowing matters natural history and anecdotes who has used techniques for the rare material from around the world characteristic customs.

The engines will be learning incitement to experimentation, building structures according to the level of perfumes; creating formulas and relation to other events art. The action will be Inter natural language between matter, participants and creativity, opening roads Personal goals.

Participation in the courses provide a link which will continue even after you have achieved them, for anyone participant who wants to join the synergies and information center train school.

The training will be held for a minimum of 3 students adults and up 6, except in private to be agreed.

The structure is based on how an olfactory pyramid, on three areas: initiation, formulation and artistic.

For the beginner area is not requested any prior knowledge; the formulation, it is essential to have achieved the initiation. The art will be independent in cases other fields.

 Courses taught according to the group in Catalan, English, French, Italian or Spanish.

Learning will take place at the headquarters of The Secret Garden in the heart of Barcelona, in EStarting from the Trunk

Registration for the introductory course link