Ny Art Lab Experimental Study Perfume

L’ Perfume Art Lab study ny, is the branch display, experimentation and training, of El Jardí Secret Creative des basis, only natural elements, exclusive art lovers perfume.

BcnArtLab, presents a tailor made program in order to learn about creative and experimental perfumery, starting from natural materials from around the world.
After three decades in the world of perfumery I have designed the program that I would have liked to find, in my beginnings.

Creative and Experimental Study of Perfumery
International School of Creative and Experimental Perfumery

The condition of the first master perfumer, lideraré these courses with the knowledge of years so I have a job and passion in each perfume actually learn a little more. It is very gratifying to be able to guide others in discovering this world so unknown; knowing natural materials and anecdotes in a story that has taken the rare techniques to get around the matter with characteristic customs.

The engines will be learning incitement to experimentation, building structures according to the level of perfumes; creating formulas and relation to other art events. The Interaction will be the natural language between matter, participants and creativity, opening roads Personal goals.

Participation in the courses provide a link which will continue even after you have achieved them, for anyone participant who wants to join the synergies and information center train school.

The training that will be given will be private or very limited.

For the beginner area is not requested any prior knowledge; by formulating and artistic, it is essential to have achieved the initiation.

 The courses will be taught according to the group in Catalan, English, French, Italian or Spanish.

For the promotion of the activity and the brands BcnArtLab and / or El Jardí Secret, Photos will be taken during them. The names and labels of the students and their final work (from which I will retain a sample, for the historic of school) they will appear in the public directory of BcnArtLab i/o El Jardí Secret.

Learning will study Art Lab ny headquarters of The Secret Garden in the heart of Barcelona, link

Craft Tastes

Next training edition : October 2020

Places are private and limited.

Link for information and reservations.