Discovering the world of perfume"

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Interactive chat “Discovering the world of perfume"”

29 April 2015 -  Discovering the world of perfume"
29 th 2015 – Discovering the world of perfume"
When Latin defines the word “per fumum” which becomes “perfume”, scents and fragrances have a constant meaning in the lives of men and women for along time ago. It is later that after insist in relegate the smell into second class, being lost memory of caused the sensations. Feelings that have run in events and customs along the history that we known partially.
" Discovering the world of perfume" is a walk through the history by the perfume hand, from prehistory to the industrialization. where we discover the evolution, habits and anecdotes of perfumery, through the story, the sight and smell of raw materials and prepared that accompanied the known historical episodes.


By : Esperança Cases, artisan perfumer.

Wednesday , 29 th, 18 to 20 h.

Hall Artesania Catalunya
Banys Nous, 11 th - 08002 Barcelona

Free entry to fill seats.

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