The Impossible Perfume EJS

The Impossible Perfume was proposal within the within the Collective Collaboration·lectivaThe Insubordination the Strength”, as a tribute to The International Women's Day 2019.

the sculptures “goddesses Mila Cristobal and photographs “Hand in Hand” dAtdrea Rigalós shared space with jewels “The femininity of Nature” from Ruth Nadal and magical paintings of women in the circus Macu Jordan.

The Secret Garden went an experience, in which people 12 countries, participated in the development of the formula “Perfume Impossible” Representative breaking all the rules of composició.Aquest

Un any després de l'elaboració de "El Perfum Impossible" by people 12 countries, you can smell it in the center of Barcelona.
perfume can smell a year later

8 March 2020 from 11h to 14h has El Jardí Secret th - Bcn Art Lab

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