Tiana. Esperança Cases, perfumer craftswoman and creator of The Secret Garden. Participa a AIX Scent Fair, an international event in Los Angeles (California) which will draw l?topical artisan perfume, independent and experimental scent fair . Entrepreneur. Crafts

The perfumer Esperança Cases with some of the creations from El Jardí Secret that is taken to California. Photo M.M. (POINT TODAY)


From Tiana to California

The artisan perfume company El Jardí Secret, chosen to participate in a fair in California

His creations come out of the jars and are integrated into artistic projects

Perfume is much more than a liquid enclosed in a bottle. Aromas created from different essences can become a tool of expression, evocation and become the complement of an artistic piece. With these guidelines, the perfumer based in Tiana Esperança Cases created the year 2009 El Jardí Secret, a personal artisan perfumery project that is now rewarded for years of intense work by being the only firm in the whole state chosen to participate in one of the most prestigious fairs in the world in the field of artisan perfumery, independent and experimental . This is the Aix Scent Fair, which will take place this weekend in Los Angeles (California), organized by the Hammer Museum and The Institute for Art and Olfaction.

The Secret Garden tries to tell stories through evocative fragrances that recreate environments

They participate in the fair 42 perfumers around the world , which will showcase their most outstanding creations. Cases will bring two different projects, which converge the world of perfumery with artistic manifestations. One is Mediterranean sens, arose as a result of the cabbage·collaboration with the Tiananmen painter Josep Delgado, which consists of a series of fragrances inspired by eighteen paintings depicting different places in the Mediterranean, which are presented in small amphorae that accompany the catalog of paintings. The other is pieces of perfumed jewelry that evoke the flair of the garden of the house that Lola Anglada had in Tiana, based on the description that appeared in the book My house, My Garden, where the Tiananmen artist describes his fragrant memories. These are silver pieces in the shape of a leaf made by the goldsmiths Quim and Ruth Nadal that contain a solid fragrance inside., which serves to perfume the person wearing it.

Linked to the world of perfumery for thirty years, The creator of The Secret Garden describes as being a “bath of self-esteem” the fact that she was chosen to participate in the California fair. "Being there is already a reward", ensures, beyond the possibilities of disseminating his work that gives him the fact of having a specialized audience around the world where he can explain his creations.

Esperança Cases highlights the artisan side of its work, which is used to create perfumes made drop by drop, which are perceived in layers, step by step, and that allow you to enter the world of sensations. "I try to create perfumes that recreate environments and tell stories", explains the perfumer, who is also very interested in the pedagogical aspect of her work, to bring the world of fragrances to the public. That is why he organizes workshops and courses aimed at different col·lectius.

In addition to the creations it sells through different distribution channels, such as fairs and artisan shops, and which he makes in his workshop in Tiana, The trajectory of The Secret Garden is marked by participation in artistic projects. The Tiana Antica festival stands out two years ago, when he recreated in the hermitage of the Joy smells that evoked the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in two concerts. He has also col·worked with the Documentation Center and Textile Museum of Terrassa perfuming fabrics and shields with the fragrances with which it faced the plague epidemics.