2020 in visual smells - Week 48

This year under the auspices of Barcelona City Council and the Sta. Lucia, this Sta. which is erected to protect sight and light, did a lot to artisans leaving them in the dark in the worst year of the pandemic.

The city's 18th-century heritage fair, has forgotten the spirit of the holidays and has given in to the franchises of the “dot com” and other repeaters, condemning artisans to lose sales of customers who over the years have been forging and in those who have no public space, they have directly left them in need, because they have run out of possibilities.

The oldest Christmas market in Europe, governed as a business and run by council bureaucrats who for three years have been postponing concessions for not “copy and paste”, they have highlighted the precariousness in which the artisan world lives, in this country.

Warning: This week doesn’t smell good

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