Joan Famenies Floris

Joan Famenies Floris

Citadel of central London, to create a myth

Perfumes arrived at the English court is. XVII, but it was not until the s. Eighteenth opened the first perfume store and did so in Joan Famenies Floris, in 1730, a Minorcan who left Citadel south of France, before arriving in London, which opened at number one male hairdresser 89 from Jermyn Street, Located in the elegant St. James. Top of hairdressing was established housing for future family, after eight generations, are still at the helm of one of the most prestigious beautiful perfume.

Arrangements and making wigs complement pints, decorations and scented water

Al s. Eighteenth hairdressers were fixed establishments and sold wigs, by fragrant perfumed powders and supplements. Thanks to the knowledge acquired earlier in Montpellier and extraordinary intuition, in Joan Famenies Floris began to create fragrances that essences relieve their nostalgia for island, an alcohol-based. He had so much demand for these fragrances that gradually transformed itself into hairdressing shop where perfume is delivered fully creating recipes scrupulously recorded, reserving them for their best customers. He made creations based balm, Jasmine and Lavender, the latter became famous, be the forerunner of many subsequent products.

Quickly, Floris had a great reputation with both men, com amb les dones que visitaven la botiga per cercar perfums o accessoris, entre els que podien trobar, meravelloses pintes fetes a mà importades de Menorca, raspalls de dents, raspalls per la barba, brotxes i estris d’afaitar que s’elaboraven a l’annexa de la botiga. Jermyn Street es va convertir en l’epicentre de distingits cavallers de Londres al segle XVIII. La proverbial i discreta hospitalitat resa a notables personatges de l’època van contribuir encara més a incrementar la fama de Floris
Al 1820 se’l declara per primera vegada Royal Warrant (proveïdor reial) pel rei George IV, que ja nd to 1800, com a Príncep de Gal·les i l’any 1814 com a Príncep Regent li havia obsequiat amb dos reconeixements no oficials. Aquesta primera ordre real es pot veure exposada al Museu privat Floris, juntament amb altres setze, ja que des d’aquell dia Floris sempre ha tingut almenys una, avui en té dues.

Great Exhibition in London 1851
Great Exhibition in London 1851

La botiga manté el seu mobiliari original de caoba espanyola, purchased Great Exhibition 1851, que li dóna aquell caliu acollidor i inoblidable. Samples of products for so long mahogany cabinets filled exhibited in the Museum family. It also has a velvet coated parts to change, from the s. XIX, time he began to accept both cash and customer accounts. There seemed appropriate to note wrinkled or dirty coins to customers, so all the coins and bills to climb down to the basement bright and well together and ready to deliver change for anyone velvet cushions get dirty hands or gloves.

The spirit Floris has always been shown that endures: Solid image quality .

Billing of Floris (London) Johan Maria Farina (Cologne) 1887
Billing of Floris (London) Johan Maria Farina (Cologne) 1887

Also its elegance and kindness in dealing became evident before my sun·request for an article about his ancestor. Unfortunately, remained silent, despite the attempts of communication about from the Citadel.

Discovered that the engine cool water lavender English, va get a menorquí, it was a very pleasant surprise, check null·information subject to the country of origin, also. It seems that John came up saying Ciutadella Florit, but it was changed to Floris, making it easier to pronounce in their new country, a country that boasts the oldest independent family perfumer in the world to offer their products with a bit of history with their expertise knowledge.


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