Macu Jordá

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This 8 March 2021, i want to stop and underline na Macu Jordà for me, the Muse of the Character of Magic.

I was lucky enough to coexist for a while with some of his paintings, in the sample “The disobedience of the Fortress” which we did at the time in The Trunk of the Merchant

I can't describe the artistry of his work, with due discretion, because I don't have it, but I can explain the emotion that runs through me contemplating his work, trapping me inexorably among the details of his whites, visual tenderness and the strength of the routes.

In front of his col·Collections, I’ve never heard myself think: I've already seen it, when I’m there time it closes the door and lets me stare unscathed.

Link Macu Jordà web

Magia II Col·lesson Circ – Macu Jordá

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