Phoenicians , long ago, called Menorca, with this word that , NURA meant: fire, by the burning bonfires that were seen from the Mediterranean Sea,

I moved to Ses Illes , to create this perfumed water , thinking of that Minorcan who , at a distant time,, with his paintings of bone , undertook a long way to get to London, after stopping in Provence . These trips lenses increased step by step, the distance with all that was left to its origin. Since he established the nostalgia tightened and made floral waters met the two worlds in which he had lived: his island and the French coast . One of these was lavender water and can still be found in full operation where the factory.

Start a new life by starting a journey that is slow enough to mark the stages, it had to be very enriching. Thinking what I would have liked to do, in that time and with its matters, This has been the engine of this perfume water, with body of island and soul of fire.


Nura VO Water Perfume


single piece, in all its components , perfume 100% natural, exclusive glass bottle


Original Version


Limited edition formats 10 and 30 ml.

just 10 ml spray Limited Edition
just 30 ml Limited Edition

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