Parlant de Roses….rosa damascena

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La rosa, és la flor escollida prioritàriament com a símbol d’amor I de bellesa, amb més de 2.000 espècies adaptades a tot tipus de hàbitat. La més preuada per a la producció de l’oli essencial i de l’aigua de roses és la Rosa damascena amb uns 32 pètals intensament perfumats. Durant el mes de la temporada de floració des de mitjans de maig, areas in mid-June in Turkey, Bulgaria and Morocco where s'hi grown, become fragrant postcards with feelings that are retained forever.


Almost all cultures have been fed with this fragrant flower. Have been attributed to all sorts of properties and meanings, relating it to both the beauty and well being. They say it was discovered in Persia, by chance, and for a royal wedding t its use is documented in the National Library in Paris, as tribute 30.000 bottles of rosewater Treasure of Baghdad.
Les roses estaven presents tant en els rituals dels temples egipcis, as aphrodisiacs, Bathrooms Cleopatre. Considered carriers of antibacterial and antiseptic, were well received at the Roman Baths. In India and the Arab countries, Rose water has bathrooms with complimentary item offered to visitors and , also, was a distinguished culinary ingredient. Distillation·Installation invented by Arabs, enriched and facilitate its removal.

The roses of Heliogabalus Alma-Tadema (1888)
les roses sempre presents part de les festes
The perfumer Ernst Rodolphe
Preparació de roses per destil·lar
A partir de les roses damascenes acabades de collir, obtained by distillation·Installation: essential oli, i l’aigua de rosa, that given their role in the process. impregnated, for months, all the properties of the flower, characteristic odor, that attaches to the essential oil.
However if the process is done with volatile solvents, concrete and finally achieved the absolute, a kind of essential oil more powerful, però que no es pot ingerir.Depenen de la seva extracció, are great·lents ingredients per a scents , cosmètica, medicina the gastronomy.



Roses Heliogábalo
Ummmmm. Quina olor!

La Rosa damascena gives us the fresh smell when alive, Meanwhile eternal, the result of withdrawals and after being dehydrated and dried, preservant per un període de temps les seves qualitats a l’hora de fer-nos un bany.

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