2020 in visual smells - Week 50

Pinya, lining and shackles for an artisan world

Cry for the accredited artisan world of our country in free fall since February (February and March are traditionally barren months).

A large number of artisans have been banned from the few Christmas markets, losing customers made over the years we have been involved and who could give oxygen to the economy needed to move forward.

The absence of tourism, large consumer of handicrafts credited jointly with the increase in sales of restricted consumers, via large platforms has replaced those of online sales of a cabbage·chopped school.

At the moment, it is necessary to protect artisans from all over the territory who do not have sales space or are outside the commercial areas..

Near you are craftsmen who will make your gift unique, full of ethics and craft. but most of all, it will make you a mice of our traditional and avant-garde culture, materializing in the pineapple, the lining and handcuffs necessary so that the hands that have made so many wonders do not disappear.

again 2020 in visual smells

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