The 7th edition aims to raise awareness of the importance of crafts and their cultural values, cheap, equity and social.

Come to craft your country. Meet our work. Ask us. We are a collective·Communal 2400 People throughout the country, works the crafts of ancient origins, directing them to an art without borders. Search for, experience and enjoy the handicraft Catalan.

The Secret Garden will Tiana actions and Barcelona.



The Secret Garden as a craft workshop and credited rooted in Tiana, presented at the Catalonia Week Crafts, a program of activities to interact with the natural fragrance creative, becoming a historical (Can Riera), a workshop open.

del 12 nd to 17 june 2018


Information about the exhibition


14 june 2018, 18h a 20h


To talk about the


17 june 2018, 10h to 12h

Office Demo

registration required

Preparation of Tiana Artisan perfume 2018


Malauradament Tiana




the 16 from 18h to 20h June 2018