Open Workshops in Gràcia

History , lavender and game – Open Workshops in Gràcia

Three proposals for all ages to discober and enjoy other sides of the work of a perfumer.

Torrent de l'Olla, 87 Barcelona


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During the Barcelona's Open Workshops, especially in Gràcia , El Jardí Secret as a member of Associació d’Artesans de Gràcia, held 3 workshops from three aspects of the perfumer's profession:


Saturday 28 th May 2016, at 11 h.

The past, makes us understand and appreciate

what we have now in our hands.


“Walk through the history by the perfume's hand”

Discovering the sensory aspect aims to draw more ephemeral history: the smell, through anecdotes, describing their customs and reproducing as far as possible the archaic fragrances. Favoring, with all this, find an unexpected perspective to the stories of the past.

It is a talk, visual and olfactory.
Aimed at adults and adolescents
Time: 1 h 30 m
Price: 10 €

maximum 10 people



Saturday 28 th May 2016, at 17 h.

Recognize the raw material makes possible to fully enjoy

their real possibilities


“Lavender Workshop”

Quina diferència hi ha entre la lavanda, the lavendin and the spike lavender ? How can we use them? know the lavender in therapy , ornamental, ambience , culinary and its perfume.

It is a talk, visual and olfactory.
Aimed at adults and adolescents
Time: 1 h 30 m
Price: 15 €

maximum 10 people



Sunday 29 th May 2016, a les 11h.

Encourage the children's olfactory creativity

is the first step not castrate their potential.

“Touch and Smell”

Sniff the imagination , to smell drawings , design the fragrance that makes the world of children.

Encourage at least , the olfactory perception through natural perfumes .


It is a game of touch and smell

Aimed at children 6 to 8 years

Time: 1 h

Price: 15 €

maximum 10 people


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Open Workshops Gràcia
Craftsmen Association of Gràcia – El Jardí Secret


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