Intangible Traces

which have volatilized in exhibition halls, historic buildings, wharehouses, theaters, museums, cellars, gardens and streets. Spaces that do not usually show the orchestrated perfume to narrate.

40 perfumers from all over the world with a craft


5 women with the passion of their work
Chroma and The Secret Garden


The perfume as a tool of two worlds
Amarita Vitrum – Two trades and a city – El Jardí Secret
18 paintings by Josep Delgado inspire 18 perfumes from The Secret Garden
El Perfum com tool de l'art


Exhibition framed in the European days
Periodic show on artisan perfume
Seminari professional
Despite the change in smell
Multidisciplinary project (watercolor, writing, music, theater and perfume) starting from “Real flowers” by Mercè Rodoreda.

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