The insubmission of the fortress

This collective exhibition The insubmission of the fortress has been created as a tribute to International Women's Day 2019, with the work of five committed women, criticism, constantly growing in her artistic career and who will exhibit for five weeks at El Bagul del Marchant, concluding on International Women's Day.

No specific claims, the constant and persistent creation of artistic works, made by the artists and artisans of the exhibition, capture the most basic and powerful claim: that of advancing in a hostile environment, that he submits to the insistence of tenacity then, justice is out of print.

Work and Signature

Mila Cristobal

Mila Cristobal



Goddess 1
Goddess 2
Goddess 3
Goddess 4
Goddess 5
Goddess 6

Macu Jordá

plastic artist


Mud creatures


magic circles
Magic II
Magic II
Soap bubles

Mud creatures

The box

Ruth Nadal

Artisan jeweler

The femininity of nature

Femininity of Nature 1
Femininity of Nature 2
Femininity of Nature 3
Femininity of Nature 4
Femininity of Nature 5

Andrea Rigalós

Andrea Rigalós

Videomaker and photographer.

Hand of Hands.

It depends on you.
I do, you do, she does.
Skin against skin.
I watch, You see me
Money, Fly Ladybug

Given that the exhibition was in the usual El Jardí Secret® space, I directed an experience, in which people 12 countries, participated in the development of the formula of El Perfum Impossible representing the breaking of all the rules of composition and that after the rigorous elaboration process, could be smelled the 8 of March of 2020.

El Jardí Secret®

Creative and experimental perfumery

Impossible perfume

Impossible perfume 2019
Impossible perfume 2020