I would like to introduce myself with scents that inspire me, those uncovered me every day a lot of ways to follow , because nothing can better explain the meaning of sensations , than a smell.

Cases hope Perfumer Artesana (photograph of Andrea Rigalós)

Fragrances, odors and perfums, maintain a private communication with each of us, using a language without words, that doesn't need any translation.

Nothing can speak more about ourselves, that in what we spend, stubbornly, our energy. In my case , first perfume perfume in general (mar, cafè matinee, wood) and then subjects natural raw materials has marked my life like breadcrumbs , on the road that led me to create El Jardí Secret..

El Jardí Secret® is a small workshop with a wide range of options, in which natural perfume is the protagonist . A space from which the personalization of all the elements is encouraged, resulting in a gift for the senses. A place where the illusion of thelearning o l 'staging of an event or episode of life . But above all it is a place imagine with key of nature.

The Secret Garden Still Lab 2

My way of working is anchored in the past : drop by drop , long macerations that facilitate synergies and short productions . Working tailored , restoring former uses perfume and promoting their perception outside of the bottles.

Hope Holiday artisan perfume

I understand that the perfume is a tool too rich in sensations, to not participate directly in the areas where the) emotions spread. That's why in 2009 I started this journey , the perfume linked to various artistic and cultural events, using its unique language. Of all I would like to emphasize the following:

Lola Anglada Library th - (In 24 th April 2010) performance , dance , music and props perfume coming in and out of the stage to expand the perception of what is represented.

Fifteenth Early Music Festival th - (24-25 th May 2014) Atmosphere concert in a chapel of s. XVI.
The first of the Middle Ages , recreating the scents of the natural environment and the second the Renaissance , reproducing the fragrances of the time within a sacred space and how they spread.

Live the smell of Black Death th - (11 April 2015) at the Textile Museum and Documentation Centre of Terrassa. A unique opportunity to be part , for a few hours of the museum team , in front of extraordinaries pieces , in this case about monastic embroidery and show the protagonists smells that Europeans used as shields to the great plague.

The Yellow rose lips th - (24 March, 4 November 2018) - A proposal VilaDelLlibre.CAT, Live music and aromas that invites the viewer to enjoy the romantic aspect of the relationship between St. George and the Princess. Date and innovative interpretation of the legend of St. George, inspired poems by Joan Salvat-Pappasseit, where the dragon, instead of fire, threatens repression

Art Perfum event – (May 2019) – Recovering the name of the Art Perfume exhibition, promotion of artistic perfumery in Barcelona via talks, colloquiums and workshops aimed at the local environment with avant-garde creative experiences.

2020 in visual smells th - (2020) 53 weeks – 53 images – 53 perfumes that were exhibited weekly and in January of the 2021 in its entirety (confinement included) To the workshop – school.

And Experimental Perfumery Days th - (2022) The soul of a perfume

II Days of Experimental Perfumery – (2023) Tiana Art Lab



MediterràniaSens th - (from 2 to 12 th August 2012) Exhibition sensory joining painting , music, poetry and perfume with a single theme: the Mediterranean.
18 paintings by Jose Delgado , were accompanied by 18 amphorae of the ceramist Mila Cristobal containing 18 perfumes created a specific environment of each image.

MediterràniaSens painting, perfume, Music and Poetry
MediterràniaSens paint perfume

Art Perfum, the perfum as a tool of art th - (from 3 April to 10 th May 2015) - Exposure : The fragrant notes to artistic expressions such as music , theater or fancy leave the bottles to guide us through our imagination or fantasy, leave the bottles to guide us from our imagination or fantasy.

AIX Scent Fair (from 6 th - 8 th May 2016) – Hammer Museum of Los Angeles – Exhibiting the two perfumes of the exhibition MediterràniaSens: I see you Sea and Brilliant Decadence for those we have chosen and the perfume Lola 1958 as a novelty.

A village, a passion, a bottle th - (2 th May 2017) - Exhibition Ephemeral Gardens Lola Anglada (Tiana), discovering hidden perfumes, created in the perfume organ of El Jardí Secret®, mostly inspired by Tiana’s reflection.

Crafts and Sustainability th - (27 July to 11 August 2017) - Group exhibition at the Artesania Catalunya centre (Barcelona) Participation in the exhibition of innovations and best practices in the sector Catalan craftsman around the environmental and social sustainability, giving voice to the craftsmen who are clearly committed to a production model more respectful.

Drops of history th - (2017-2018) - France, Vimbodí, Ascò the Tiana – Exhibition: Synergy of glass and perfume based on images that reflect the rust of Barcelona,

Dream between two worlds th - (2018) – Collaboration of El Jardí Secret® with invisible but perceptible perfumes to reinforce the idea of ​​the installation’s hiddenness Somni entre dos mons ” by the ceramist Esther Ramos i Costa.

Smell Catalunya (Catalonia) th - (2019) Smelling traditions, mythology, the history, poetry, geography ... that draws our country and always experimenting with natural elements.

The insubmission of the fortress th - (2019) – Collective Exhibition The insubordination of the fortress, as a tribute to International Women's Day, with the intervention of : Women of Circus – Macu Jordà - Painting ; Femininity of Nature - Ruth Nadal - Jewelry; Hand of Hands - Andrea Rigalós - Photography; Goddesses - Mila Cristóbal - Sculpture; Impossible Perfume - The Secret Garden - Perfumery

in Restoration th - (2019) – Collaboration of El Jardí Secret® with the perfumes that are props in the CHROMA exhibition restoration of architectural heritage. From the interiors of baroque references to those of the time of modernism in RESTORATION makes an itinerary between 250 years of history in Catalan key.

Regarding some flowers – (2022) – El Vendrell, Vilafranca del Penedès – Traveling exhibition that starting from the “Real flowers” of Mercè Rodoreda, a multidisciplinary project is set up with master ceramist and watercolorist Camila Pérez Salvà; the writer Nati Soler Alcaide; the composer Carlota Baldrís; theater director Pep Vinyes and teacher perfumer Esperança Cases shaping, words, tone and music in each of the 38 singular flowers.

Tiana, essentially – (2022) – – Literature, art and the dragon, collects the works inspired by the charismatic village of Tiana, cradle of The Secret Garden®. Unique pieces that perpetuate the streets, customs and the natural environment, but also works made with other artists and cultural entities in the village. The coincidence with St. George's Day, has motivated the inclusion of perfumes that started from literature and legends.

I expose myself – (2023) – autobiographical exhibition that collects six perfumes that talk about me, where i come from, of sexuality, how I lick my wounds, of sadness, of harassment and I couldn't miss how creation caresses my heart. Each perfume is illustrated with photographs by Andrea Rigalós and shares the music that has been linked during the creative process of each of them.


Made’in europe (of 2015 until May of 2024) The Secret Garden® has been in this European community focused on the exclusive craftsmanship of art.

AIX Scent Fair (from 6 th - 8 th May 2016) - The Secret Garden® has had the privilege of being chosen by the Institute for Art and Olfaction and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, as an exhibitor occupying one of the 42 booth in the fair of artisan , independent and experimental perfume that represent the current perfume in the world , la primera que es presenta en el context d’un museu d’art contemporani. The only perfumer on the peninsula and one of the seven Europeans.

Who’s Who in Visual Art – 60 Artisans, Craftspeople & Designers - Selected for Flight. 2018-2019 thanks to the work done on conceptual creative perfume.

Academicien Specialist in Perfume as an Art Form (2018) Certified as an academic in natural perfume and a specialist in perfume in the form of art by the IPF Foundation (Paris -Belgium)

craftsmen (December 2019) – I had the honor to receive the MH President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Sr. Quim Torra, diploma craftsmen, in recognition of my job.

Special noses and classics (2020) – Included in the 33 best nose creators of national and international fragrances operating in Spain according to VPC Global Media Magazine, oldest and benchmark in the perfumery consumption sector, being the first time an artisan artistic perfumer is recognized (exclusive natural) as a creative nose.

Professional Member – themselves – NGO Education through Art & official partner UNESCO n.2.164

Nominations and Awards

Top Artisan Fragrances of the Year 2016 (aug 2016) - NOT, Urban Nature of El Jardí Secret® has been selected in the silver category in the American awards with a score of 19 on 21, the first time that a foreigner gets award.

Arts & Crafts Design Award (2016) (2017) The Secret Garden® nominated for the Arts Award, Crafts and Design International.

Top Artisan Fragrances of the Year 2017 (aug 2017) – SARI, of El Jardí Secret® has been selected by the jury for the American awards.

Top Artisan Fragrances of the Year 2018 (September 2018) - Women of Spirit, of El Jardí Secret has been selected by the jury in the prehttps://www.eljardisecret.cat/premis-perfum-artesa-2016/mis nordamericanos with a score of 18 on 21.

The five best artisan perfumes of USA ( September 2019) – The Secret Garden® Petals Book, has been included within the 5 best artisan perfumes of the year in the USA

Top Artisan Fragrances of the Year 2022 (aug 2022)

th - No name of The Secret Garden®, perfume created with the sense of smell altered by the Covid in Tiana, win the silver, scoring in the Odor categories, Ingredients combination, Artistry of perfume and in the most exciting Discovery.

th - oil on canvas of The Secret Garden®, nominated with three stars out of four.

7th International Craft Awards 2023 (November 2023) – Nova Delhi – Bharat – Dr. Ghada Hijjawi-Qaddumi Honorary Award for Excellence for years of service.

Study – School

Bcn Art Lab. (fall 2019) – Start Bcn Art Lab®, as an experimental and creative perfume school study, exclusively for occasional training, professional i artistic, on natural basis. Selected in the Mad’in europe training program (June 2020)

So,, the aim, remains unchanged after all these years: share a passion for natural perfume in all areas where the sensations are in communication with us, creating scented worlds where close the eyes and listen to what we want to intuit; elements and fragrant scenes to narrate and customizing everything that leaves from the heart and intensifies the senses. .

It is in this space where you can find me to welcome you.

Esperança Cases
Craft Master Perfumer

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