International Arts Education Week

The theme that the WAAE has chosen for 2022 it is PEACE.


The United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO , in its 36th session on 2011 proclaimed the fourth week of May as International Art Education Week, with the aim of raising the awareness of the international community about the importance of arts education and strengthening its cooperation through the promotion of cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion.

Since 2020 in the World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE) and its members join UNESCO to celebrate World Arts Week. source of information

Elaborating the perfume of Peace!

image @andrearigalós

The topic that the WAAE (World Alliance for Artistic Education) for this year, it is PEACE.

As a professional member of the alliance from INSEA– The International Society for Education Through Art (Societat Internacional per a l’Educació a través de l’Art) I have organized a discovery to bring Tiana closer, the artistry of perfumery in accordance with the selected theme

InSEA includes professional and organizational members from more than 80 countries in the following fields of interest: artistic education; arts; community art; environmental art; activist art; arts-based action research; education; inclusive education, cultural education; cultural education; interdisciplinary; cultural diversity; defense of artistic education, teacher training; education in museums and galleries; education for sustainable development; curriculum development; professional development; research in artistic education; informal education.