Tiana, essentially

Literature, art and the dragon

Along the way and due to the lack of knowledge in the territory of this ancestral trade, I introduced in Tiana, many faces of this creative expression: Arts Observatory (2010), Discovery of the World of Perfume (2011), Early Music Festival (2014), Exhibition A village, a passion and a bottle (2017), Exhibition Drops of history (2018).

The exhibition art and the dragon – Literature, art and the dragon, collects fragrant works inspired by Tiana, on literature and art, without forgetting the perfumes of the legend of the day.

Perfumes about the town

  • Streets of Tiana
  • Mountain range
  • Ancient Tiana
  • Smells of Sant Jordi

Perfumes about the work of the authors

  • Camilla Pérez Salvà
  • Joan Salvat Papasseit
  • Josep Delgado
  • Lola Anglada
  • Mercè Rodoreda
  • Nati Soler Alcaide
  • Ramon Casas