The Library of Lola Anglada

Scenography of perfume

The perfume has a clear space, although poorly defined, in the field of performing arts. It was not the first time that fragrances have been part of the show. In the 57 on Broadway the owners of cinemas already perfumed the spectators with what they believed, that would complete the projection; but the first time, on a stage in our country, proposed as part of the staging of a play, music and dance.

The Library of Lola Anglada- Angel
The Library of Lola Anglada- Angel
Lola Anglada's Library - The maidens
Lola Anglada's Library – The maidens

The Tiana Municipal School of Music and Dance has prepared a show about the library of the Lola Anglada i Sarriera that she describes in her book "My house and my garden" (1958).

The Library takes shape in front of spectators who are surrounded by the narrative, music, dance and perfume that leads through the room, waking angels, books, traveling with the boat offshore and accompanying maidens near the flowers.

To be a unique spectacle, develops stalls, on the perfume, as part of the decor in each chapter , stimulates feelings of ethereal angels, memories grandfather and dust on paper books covered with yellowish skin, the wood of the ship in a sea of seaweed and the flowers of the garden.

Lola Anglada's Library - Ilona Munoz
The Lola Anglada Library with the collaboration of Ilona Muñoz