Regarding some flowers

Multidisciplinary synergy

Multidisciplinary synergy

In 2 March 2022, was presented in the Sala Portal del Pardo (El Vendrell), a traveling exhibition “Regarding some flowers” an individual project that culminated in an enriching synergy of multidisciplinary creativity.

Camil·la, Nati i Pep

Based on the work of Mercè Rodoreda “Travel and Flowers” (1980), the master ceramist and watercolorist Camil·la Pérez Salvà, recreated each of the 38 real flowers of the book.

Dressmaker and writer Nati Soler Alcaide, seeing them, found her own words describing the feelings and emotions of these flowers so close to people.

The music comes from the hand of the composer Carlota Baldrís, who interpreted the nature of the 38 protagonists

Pep Vinyes, director if El Grup Inestable d'El Vendrell (The Unstable Vendrell Group), directed the inauguration in theatrical format, where some of the flowers presented the project.

It was Pep who missed the smell and that's how one rainy morning Camil·la came into the workshop and offered me to be part of this project that has enriched me a lot.

Onix publishing house – Art Land has collected the project in an extraordinary book, where you can recreate the watercolors and their story, but there is also the key to the music and a nuance of the collective perfume.

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