Oil On Canvas

"Aquells Estius" Those Summers (oil on canvas 81 x 60) 2013

The eyes of a Mediterranean home, under the brush of an artist

The bougainvillea·lia remarks the welcome, protecting the bareness of the walls and the secrets that whisper through the cozy blue windows, mirror of the Mediterranean.

This work by Josep Delgado that titled “"Aquells Estius" Those Summers” (2013), he caught me behind his glasses, immediately. We had done an exhibition together: MediterràniaSens and I wished it was from this window from where I could contemplate the landscapes I had painted.

Elaboration: fifteen months
Launch: 500 ml.

Expository Eau de Parfum.


25 August 2022

Finalist with 3 from 4 stars at the Top Artisan Fragrances Awards in the USA 2022

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