These times that encourage awareness, personal, ethics, cultural, environmental… not as an individual and collective wealth·lectiva, but as a necessity of survival, commitment has become the soul of our actions and perspectives, that do day by day, our footprint.

Learning each movement, we're rid of habits we found that although they have given an easy life, have been attacking our world, in a prejudice without return.

The Secret Garden® is linked to various entities and organizations that promote it, and help providing tools, in this way about the world we live in.


Mercat Arrels (Roots Market)
live better, to the rhythm of nature, and learn from traditional wisdom by regain the right to choose what we consume.


Empremtes de Catalunya
Manifesto World Crafts Council Europe
Excellent craftsmen and restaurateurs·European Agency


Barcelona + Sustainable Responsible city.
Barcelona Biosphere Recognition of responsible and respectful management.

Code of Ethics The Secret Garden®

about the artistic world of naturally based experimental and creative perfumery and the artisan world in general.

As the years passed, my research has led me to get to know and link with various entities, groupings or foundations that seemed to move within the form and ethics in which they presented themselves. Of these, I have maintained some of the principles set out below, others, but I’ve moved away from them to stay only in headlines than later, nor respect, nor encourage, nor do they follow.
These expressed points govern my way of doing and projecting with what and where I am going. It is not a static list, because as I go along I adapt it and as I learn from others, I am presenting it.

  • Respect for others in their wide variation, their universal rights,  economic justice and the culture of peace.
  • Respect for life on Earth in all its diversity.
  • Promoting the protection of plant and animal kingdoms.
  • Respect for the land described in the Repertory trades crafts.
  • Commitment to development of artworks with the quality and ·excellence of the trade.
  • Promotion of products made with natural resources.
  • Guarantee of truthfulness in advertising and the work or services performed.
  • Involvement in promoting cultural heritage, from their own work.
  • Demand ethics education, part of the work demonstrated, during the years of experience.

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