These times that encourage awareness, personal, ethics, cultural, environmental… not as an individual and collective wealth·La Insubmissió de la Fortalesa, but as a necessity of survival, commitment has become the soul of our actions and perspectives, estampen that day to day, Our footprint.

Learning each movement, we're rid of habits we found that although we have given life, have been attacking  our world, a return without prejudice.

The Secret Garden and is linked to different bodies and organizations that promote, and help provide tools, in this way about the world we live in.

The Craft Center of Catalonia Consortium of Commerce, Artesania at Moda, manages the Catalan craft sector and its trades, encouraging cross-sector and open a dialogue with your company.

Barcelona Sustainable +network of more than 1.000 organizations committed to environmental sustainability, social and economic co-constructed·a city community with responsible people and the environment.

Barcelona Biosphere recognize those tour operators committed to responsible management and environmentally friendly, culture, working conditions, gender equality and social and economic return.

The International Perfume Foundation education, protection and revitalization of the culture and heritage of perfume to reconnect human society with the beauty of natural fragrances and curator power of nature.

Ethical code

the world's artistic and creative perfumery experimental basis in natural.

  • Respect for others in their wide variation, their universal rights,  economic justice and the culture of peace.
  • Respect for life on Earth in all its diversity.
  • Promoting the protection of plant and animal kingdoms.
  • Respect for the land described in the Repertory trades crafts.
  • Commitment to development of art and excellent quality·Excellence of the trade.
  • Promotion of products made with natural resources.
  • Commitment to development of art and excellent quality·Excellence of the trade.
  • Guarantee of truthfulness in advertising and the work or services performed.
  • Involvement in promoting cultural heritage, from their own work.
  • Demand ethics education, part of the work demonstrated, during the years of experience.

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