Tiana Art Lab, it is the name of the training days held in the birthplace of creative and experimental perfumery in the country.

From 16 to 20 of October in Can Riera de Tiana
Reserve information at ejs@tiana-art-lab.cat – Photograph El Jardí Secret®

Tiana Art Lab, that in the II Days of Creative and Experimental Perfume, have configured their denomination:

Tiana cradle of creative and experimental perfume.
Art the discipline that will shelter all manifestations
Lab the dynamics that will promote the discovery of this ancient and unknown artistic expression.

As a master craftswoman,  I have an obligation to spread my profession, as a creative perfumer I have the pleasure of sharing knowledge wherever it can germinate, that's why Tiana Art Lab, it is based on experimentation, mostly via general work groups such as El perfum dels arbres (The Perfume of the Trees) or for specific groups: this year En clau de Perfum (In key of perfume), aimed at the music world, in order to optimize creation and teaching.

Photographs @AndreaRigalos

The Jardí Secret® regains the name of its first exhibition that showed the perfumery comtool d’art, Art Perfum to title the month of May as the month in which artistic perfumery will be promoted in Barcelona.

Chats, colloquiums and workshops aimed at the local environment to show, this distorted trade, based on the knowledge and practice of the trade.

Presentations of avant-garde creative experiences that will enhance the sensations of this land, both by locals and foreigners.