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El Jardí Secret has received the Biosphere distinction, , in the modernist area of Sant Pau, with such prestigious organizations as the Picaso Museum and Casa Batlló among the first 50 companies in the project.

This certification is an acknowledgment of the adequacy in my case, of the profession in a more sustainable, ethically responsible and committed way with the natural, human and cultural values , but above all it is a commitment of annual review of incorporation of the improvements that will bring us to the agenda. 2030.

Project Biosphere

Our mission is to serve as a tool for , a better world through a sustainable tourism experience, a sustainable tourism experience. Destinations , Business, communicators and tourists , who make up the Biosphere Community, are committed to fulfilling the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Publishing with us you commit to your experiences participating in:

     Fighting climate change
     Minimize the impact on the environment by reducing consumption and waste
     Protecting and respecting terrestrial and marine ecosystems , flora and fauna
     It supports local entrepreneurship and development by consuming local products or services
     It guarantees decent and fair working conditions
     Encourages cultural exchange with respect and authenticity
     Involving the tourist to value and know about sustainability increased their satisfaction

“Biosphere web”

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