Biosphere distinction for El Jardí Secret®

The Secret Garden® was distinguished by Biosphere from the beginning to the end, which closed the studio-workshop for retirement.

Biosphere distinction 2021

Biosphere distinction for El Jardí Secret® – After a full year, After a full year, After a full year, After a full year.
After a full year 50 companies or entities of 2019 After a full year 200 After a full year.

Biosphere distinction for El Jardí Secret®

Biosphere would be a good tool for the normalization of sustainable and ethical supply, even in the face of the search for responsible and critical tourism with services, experiences and products you are willing to look for and pay for. Basically because the project forces you to look at your navel and make the necessary changes and innovations that lead to continuous improvement, After a full year, the late international and local goals.

However, as always in our country the cancellation of the Crafts, shows the little knowledge of cultural tourist research (the target plus Biosphere) the target plus Biosphere, punctually and periodically, in search of other artistic aspects of the avant-garde artisan.
Biosphere stubbornly refuses to include the tab “Crafts” (nor is it in the list of business types) poorly tidying sector, in the trade drawer. Artesania de Catalunya (Crafts of Catalonia), a group that sticks to ethical principles, ecological, sustainable and above all cultural exclusive to our land, represented by 2400 people throughout the territory, almost even, looks like it's cool.

At the presentation on Friday with members of the chamber, of the city council of Barcelona and the deputation, I missed the Consorci de Comerç, Artesania at Moda.
Curiously in collusion with the European craft world, the 11th and 12 th May, the 2nd congress of Artesania Catalunya is held under the motto ¨ from souvenir to experience”.

Biosphere distinction 2020

The Secret Garden® has received the distinction of Biosphere, in the modernist enclosure of Sant Pau together with such prestigious entities as the Museu Picasso and the Casa Batlló among the first 50 companies in the project.

This certification is an acknowledgment of the adequacy in my case, of the profession in a more sustainable, ethically responsible and committed way with the natural, human and cultural values , but above all it is a commitment of annual review of incorporation of the improvements that will bring us to the agenda. 2030.

Delivery of the Biosphere Distinction for El Jardí Secret® in the Sant Pau modernist complex – Barcelona

Project Biosphere

Our mission is to serve as a tool for , a better world through a sustainable tourism experience, a sustainable tourism experience. Destinations , Business, communicators and tourists , who make up the Biosphere Community, are committed to fulfilling the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Publishing with us you commit to your experiences participating in:

     Fighting climate change
     Minimize the impact on the environment by reducing consumption and waste
     Protecting and respecting terrestrial and marine ecosystems , flora and fauna
     It supports local entrepreneurship and development by consuming local products or services
     It guarantees decent and fair working conditions
     Encourages cultural exchange with respect and authenticity
     Involving the tourist to value and know about sustainability increased their satisfaction