El Jardí Secret® i Bcn Art Lab®

The International Perfume Foundation una organització independent sense ànim de lucre, creada l’any 1995 in ·the per Creezy COURTOY, expert in perfume, historian and anthropologist.

Bcn Art Lab ® (2020) Escola Certificada natural i especialista en el perfum en forma d’art The International Perfume Foundation.

Academicien (2018) Certificada com a mestra perfumista en perfum natural i especialista en el perfum en forma d’art i speaker de perfum natural The International Perfume Foundation.

Natural Perfumer (2017) He tingut l’honor de ser la pionera al nostre país en qualitat d’artesana perfumista d’ofici, d’estar certificada com a natural, per IPF

Over the past 22 years The International Fragrance Foundation, is committed to increasing the positive awareness of issues related to the industry of perfume, educating consumers on the proper use of perfume , and it's heritage to everyone.

“Reconnecting with Nature provides great opportunities to preserve our vital heritage . by sharing our knowledge, experience and research”
(Creezy Courtoy, IPF ’Chairman)

IPF segueix el Nou Codi de Luxe pel Respecte

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