International Perfume Foundation

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El Jardí Secret® and Bcn Art Lab®

The International Perfume Foundation is an independent non-profit organization, created in 1995 in Brussels by Creezy COURTOY, expert in perfume, historian and anthropologist.

Bcn Art Lab . (2020) Certified natural school and specialist in perfume in the form of art The International Perfume Foundation.

Academicien (2018) Certified as a master perfumer in natural perfume and specialist in perfume in the form of art and speaker of natural perfume The International Perfume Foundation.

Natural Perfumer (2017) I have had the honor of being the pioneer in my country as a professional perfumer, to be certified as natural, per IPF

When I met her at the International Perfume Foundation, was committed to raising positive awareness of issues related to the perfume industry, educating consumers on the proper use of perfume , and it's heritage to everyone.