la Rosa Groga als Llavis (The Yellow Rose on the Lips)

Poetry, music, performance and experimental perfumery in a concert where emerge the traces of our culture and its color.

Commission for this multidisciplinary project that is based on the poem La Rosa als Llavis from Joan Salvat Papasseit, Eduard Toldrà and Soler, from Vila del Llibre (Town of the Book) first and La Fàbrica de Lied (The Lied Factory) after the event could not continue because of the forced intervention in the Generalitat de Catalunya and therefore in Catalan culture by the Spanish government.

La rosa groga als llavis (The yellow rose on the lips) – Experimental musical chords

El Jardí Secret® designs and produces twelve tender recreations for La Rosa groga als Llavis, rooted agreements, smells without fear… they will act as "attrezzo", of this emotional representation that will begin in Montblanc.

la Rosa Groga als Llavis (The Yellow Rose on the Lips) 2018

A proposal of music and live smells that invites the viewer to enjoy the most romantic aspect of the relationship between the princess and Sant Jordi .

A current and breaking interpretation of the Legend of Sant Jordand inspired by the poems of Joan Salvat-Papasseit, where the dragon, instead of fire, threatens repression.

VilaDelLlibre.CAT works so that depressed spaces find in the book the opportunity to get out of oblivion and activate a sustainable economy. An entire ecosystem of literary tourism proposals that invite citizens and visitors to rediscover the territory.

Poetry, Music, interpretation and experimental Perfume
partial schedule of “Montblanc, Vila del Llibre 2018”

la Rosa Groga als Llavis (The Yellow Rose on the Lips) – Saint Hilari de Sacalm
Jordi Mas – Tenor
Blanca Pugés – Rhapsody
Gustavo Them – Guitar
Esperança Cases – Perfumer
Saint Hilari de Sacalm
Saint Hilari de Sacalm

This event was censored by 155 and it had to be cancelled