a village, a passion, a bottle

Ephemeral exhibition in Lola Anglada's Garden

The exhibition A town, a passion, a bottle is framed within the European Art Crafts Days of 2017 than with the motto “To know(-) make connections”, the link that is created with the foundation of the identity of the artistic professions was highlighted, talking about the transmission of the profession and knowledge from teacher to students, neighbors, close group.

From 31 March 2 April 2017, Is celebrated on the peninsula “The European Art Craft Days”.
Of French origin (2002) “Les Journées européens des Métiers d’Art”, the days have been extended to 18 countries.
These are days to connect with the craftsmanship neighboring, through open workshops, exhibitions, talks, workshops and all that brings us to the origin of our cultural identity, while discovering new expressions of evolution, artisans in different areas. Really feel a bit, our cultural heritage alive, often intangible.
I, as artisan perfumer I chose the center of my village, to share in these days, some synergies created in this part of the world.

a village

a village Ancient, with his way of being.

Cradle and origin of my perfume workshop.

Many years thinking, imagining, creating through the quiet streets, smelling their resinous fragrance with notes of pine, of wisteria garden, coffee decking or pinched rosemary around. Taking its name to every step taken, were here at home, were beyond, other countries, some nearby, sometimes not.

a passion

a passion The perfume craft creative, into style when time stops and drops of fragrant materials that reach the perfumer organ, from around the world, invading the space with the expressions of men and women that made it possible, the inherited wisdom of knowledge and love for the fruits of their land. Is this material, clean and brave, in which is based the creation of a natural crafts perfume , instrument that has helped me in a lot of creative expressions.

a bottle

a bottle The Secret Garden®, where pour on all the sensations, experiences and illusions. A container intangible, adaptable, that is transformed to the sound of four chords. A place that has slowly taken over the natural perfume, from the showcase shelves through the secrets walls of the museum, near curtains theaters , the clamor of schools and in the peace of a chapel. Experiencing artistic expressions alone or with enriching synergies with other artisans, designers and artists and people with multiple sensitivity.

photographs Andrea Rigalós

The exhibition will scatter in the Garden Lola Anglada a collection of creations developed over the years. Some have village essence, Other features of our country. But there are also perceptions without limits, or frontiers. The common thread of all of them, its elaboration is totally artisan, made throughout the process Tiana.

a village, a passion, a bottle.

El Jardí Secret® perfumes

All perfumes have been exposed to a process of producing between 8 and 14 month.

Due to its exclusivity, the vast majority are early prototypes.