Tiana Artisan 2018

Office Demo – Creative and natural perfumer Sample of natural elements: common and rare; techniques involved in the extraction of raw, anecdotes and elaboration process of a natural perfume to understand the structures of the sculptures fragrant perfume author. Creative and natural perfumer Sample of natural elements … Continued

Easter Craft Catalonia

2020 Activity carried out at Bcn Art Lab® Experimentation to encourage the recovery of the habit of smelling non-synthetic perfumes for: relive emotions escape from spaces modify the present create reject… with creations elaborated with the complicity of time, by stories … Continued

Live Live … l'smell of black mort

Smells characters shields that Europeans used before the great plague, that dropped so drastically from about embroidery monastic, an archaeological the Textile Museum and Documentation Centre Terrassa offers a limited number of visitors.

The 4 thieves vinegar

The 4 Thieves is a real potion surrounded by legends say so:
At the moment of the big plague, four thieves were invading contaminated homes, with impunity and berthed the dying. Never succumbed to evil despite taking risks. They were finally taken by the authorities and were sentenced to death. They were given life in exchange for the formula of this mysterious liquid that rubbed and drank before acting to immunize.