Little fingers, Expert hands

Tiana Art Lab following the European Days of Artistic Crafts and in an independent program, will open the world of the artistry of perfumery to the youngest, not as a consumer product, but as a tool of inspiration and artistic expression.

I expose myself

White hair and dust in the bottles of my essence. M'EXPOSO (I EXPOSE MYSELF), comes from a misunderstanding and with this informal origin, I am forced to look at myself, I would say that for the first time, in what has been an increasingly addictive exercise, sometimes … Continued

Junior Perfumerist Revelation of the 2020

From the experimental perfumery studio Bcn Art Lab® (El Jardí Secret® training study) will be presented, soon the Junior Perfumerist Revelation of the 2020. This is a degree that a person has acquired through their learning, passion and dedication that materialized in one of the most beautiful perfume works ever smelled.