Diplomas Master Craftsman

Collection of artisan perfumer diploma Teacher, the first awarded to a perfumer in our country a Palace of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The recognition of the work done is a push to recover this ancestral profession of anonymity and burial to which it has been subjected for the benefit of disciplines outside its nature.

The diploma craftsmen it is a merit granted by the CCAM (Trade Consortium, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia) to a craftsman who has excelled exceptionally in the exercise of his profession, with an accredited professional career recognizing both the mastery of his profession and the dissemination and training carried out.

Since 2006 in addition to the Diploma, the Master Craftswoman receives the winning badge of the works that jewelry students present for the occasion. The one I have the honor of wearing, belongs to the student Mariana Bilbao, student at the JORGC school, titled i described: “Tacit knowledge. To represent this knowledge, esparto has been chosen as the raw material to symbolize the soul of the artisan and the sterling silver to represent the technique”.

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