Little fingers, Expert hands

Tiana Art Lab following the European Days of Artistic Crafts and in an independent program, will open the world of the artistry of perfumery to the youngest, not as a consumer product, but as a tool of inspiration and artistic expression.


Path followed with the heart, more than with the head: learning, creating, discovering, mistaking, intuiting. A road more than hard, transparent; more than lonely, unknown. It is very accommodating, encouraging and very tempting every time I close my eyes, to leave … Continued

Catalan Craft Week

2020 Activity carried out at Bcn Art Lab® Experimentation to encourage the recovery of the habit of smelling non-synthetic perfumes for: with creations elaborated with the complicity of time, for past and avant-garde stories. 30 minutes of your time to rewind … Continued

Meet live … the smell against the black death

Smells characters shields that Europeans used before the great plague, that dropped so drastically from about embroidery monastic, an archaeological the Textile Museum and Documentation Centre Terrassa offers a limited number of visitors.