Bcn Art Lab® Studio

Estudi de Perfumeria Creativa i Experimental d’El Jardí Secret®

Bcn Art Lab®, is the only studio in the region, where you can make a complete immersion into the unknown world of creative perfumery and experimental.

The teaching is based on the proven expertise with a hundred perfumes made some of them nominated and awarded internationally. L’amplia i variada trajectòria creativa ha fet que El Jardí Secret® hagi obert moltes portes tancades a la perfumeria, recovering well, the natural artistry of perfumery as art.

The basis of everything is the passion for perfume arises exclusively work with natural materials, they obviously come from the garden of the world.

Les alumnes aprenent molt més que les doctrines de la perfumeria. They develop a synergy with nature by increasing the creativity that facilitates the subjects they discover.

La filosofia d’El Jardí Secret® en tema d’ètica, is constantly present in the program. It is necessary to emphasize and recognize, misinformation, the bad praxis and the falsifications of what represents the real world of artistic perfumery, which can be very broad, in order to firmly base this incredible trade.

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