Dream between two worlds

Ceramic ·insatalation of’ Esther Ramos i Costa

groups· of natural perfume elaborated by El Jardí Secret

The Dream between two worlds


In the ·ceramics installation Esther Ramos's "El somni entre dos mons" (The dream between two worlds), the important thing is the one that is not seen . It is the mystery of the hidden and the intuitive perception of the secret that hides beyond form.


It is in the impossible dialectics between the physical and the metaphysical where the soul is revealed, where the silence of thoughts, emotions and sensations speaks. Absence and presence simultaneously.


Xavier Domènech


Compositions for the exhibition


Synergies ·of natural perfumes of El Jardí Secret, expressly created for the occasion. invisible but perceptible reinforce the idea of the hidden.


Chrysalis, Butterflies … Ramón's photograph


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