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El perfum té un espai clar, encara que poc definit, en el camp de les arts escéniques. No ha estat la primera vegada que les fragàncies forma part de l’espectacle. En el 57 a Brodway els propietaris de cinemes ja perfumaven als espectadors amb el que ells creien, que completaria la projecció; però sí la primera vegada, en un escenari del nostre país, plantejat com part de la posta en escena d’una obra de teatre, música i dansa.

First perfume scenery in the state

The School of Music and Dance Tiana has prepared a show about the library Lola Anglada i Sarriera that she describes in her book "My house and my garden" (1958).

 The Library of Lola Anglada- Angel
The Library of Lola Anglada- Angel


La Biblioteca de La Lola Anglada - Les donzelles
La Biblioteca de La Lola Anglada – Les donzelles
The Library takes shape in front of spectators who are surrounded by the narrative, music, dance and perfume that leads through the room, waking angels, Books, traveling with the boat offshore and accompanying maidens near the flowers.

To be a unique spectacle, develops stalls, on the perfume, as part of the decor in each chapter , stimulates feelings of ethereal angels, memories grandfather and dust on paper books covered with yellowish skin, timber ship in a sea algae and flower garden.

La Biblioteca de La Lola Anglada - Ilona Munoz
The Library of La Lola Anglada with col·collaboration of Ilona Muñoz
So, as each display asking to devices,that could be making noise emmudits, in this case only·Calls also in order not to disturb the environment of spectators coming, refrain wear strong perfumes, to be open to performing fragrances.

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