Tiana Art Lab

II Creative and Experimental Perfume Conference
del 16 to 22 October in Tiana

I expose myself

Autobiographical exhibition
del 26 from October to 2 from November to Empremtes de Catalunya, Barcelona

Top Artisan Fragrances Awards 2022

In the international Top Artisan Fragrances Awards, of this year, two perfumes that I created in Tiana and in Barcelona have been selected.

“Nameless” Plata

Created with the sense of smell altered by the Covid in Tiana, it wins silver in the Top Artisan Fragrances of the USA, scoring in the Odor categories, Ingredients combination, Artistry of perfume and in the most exciting Discovery.

“Nameless” development: 15 month; creation: 600 ml.

Natural and artisan 100%

“Oli sobre Tela - Oil on Canvas” Finalist

The eyes of a Mediterranean home under the brushes of the Tianen artist Josep Delgado who titled “"Aquells Estius" Those Summers” (2013), he caught me behind his glasses, immediately.

“Oli sobre Tela - Oil on Canvas” development: 15 month; creation: 500 ml.

Natural and artisan 100%

traveling exhibition 2022