Conditions of use and sale
Precautions of general products.
The compositions of natural origin are not regulated under the same prism pure essential oils, given its concentration, but we can not lose sight of the precautions to take into account.

  • We must keep essential oils out of reach of children / s. Or use them under 3 years .
  • Dismisses the essential oils in pregnant or lactating.
  • Before the use of essential oils advised to check their tolerance by applying a little on the inside of the wrist.
  • All citrus essential oils are so photosensitise, not exposed to the sun during 12 hours after application.
  • In case of accidental ingestion of a large amount of essential oil, contact the nearest poison center

Conservation of overall product.

Keep the product, both liquid and solid is vertical and the size of possible protected from light and heat.
The prices shown on the web shop are in euros and do not include shipping.
Customs duties, local taxes and administrative costs in different countries are charged to the customer.
Web prices are subject to change without notice due to the fluctuation of raw materials and natural aromatic.
The price of products and actions are valid while appearing on the website and in the store have stocks of the same.
The Secret Garden reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.
Any request will be studied after receipt of payment and the formalization of the same, by declaring know and accept the “Terms of sale”relating to the use of our products, before ordering.
Formalize the order implies, the aim, acceptance of the “Terms of sale” and knowledge of “Precautions” our products.
The Secret Garden reserves the right to cancel any order up • concerns that customers with an outstanding debt or any litigation which has been
Only bank cards accepted international role of the payment system site.
Product Availability
While they remain in the web shop products and prices are valid to the extent that stocks have the same.
If a product is not available after the completion of your order, This will inform you of this fact as soon as possible, excluding holiday periods. If you want, • Installation canceled may request a refund from or. • You can only apply also exchange the product or missing in your order.
Free Port (in standard mode) purchase from 100 € to Spain
The Secret Garden is not responsible for any consequences resulting from a delay in the shipment of products.
The Secret Garden is not responsible for mistakes made by the customer when providing your personal data. These mistakes delivery address or modification after completion of sending if the order could be made, involve a number of expenses that will be borne by the customer.
Participation in delivery costs will be billed only for a single shipment in case missing any part of the order to deliver.
Returns, changes and refunds
The description of the scents in general, is linked to their own knowledge and experiences. The odor of natural materials, in a society where synthetic exhibit a large majority, are even more difficult to perform if they were not heard, therefore presents the road, before to try and figure out what you like before buying the product as it is.
For safety and hygiene, Perfumes can not be returned environment, Personal liquids or solids personal.
Are replaced, however, items that are sent incorrect / incomplete or after the exam check our workshop.
Returns must be made before 8 days of delivery, in its original state, using original packaging. Upon return sent, with products, writing with details of the incident with the made postage, and delivery confirmation to the sender address:

El Jardí Secret
Ptge. Francesc Moragas, 6
08391 Tiana
+34 667536425
Any claims made after this date will not be accepted.
Shipping costs will be refunded and forwarding, as long as it does not exceed the cost of shipping.
The package opened or damaged, must be accompanied by detailed annotations by hand, signed and dated by the consumer and the dealer notified the remittance. Reporting within 2 days after receipt of delivery to The Secret Garden , both accepted or rejected.
Reimbursement for products that have been reported to the client, will be a maximum of 15 this.
There is a deadline for withdrawal of 7 days from the order date product. In this case, shipping and will return to his position. Only be refunded the price of products purchased or. Refunds fee to the address of The Secret Garden
The products will arrive in its original condition and complete closed: Packing, tags, Accessories …) and accompanied by the invoice.
Are reserved in accordance with the current legislation on copyright and intellectual property • intellectual, all images, Comments, • text and illustrations and reproduced on the website
Any total or partial reproduction of this page is strictly prohibited

Modification of the conditions of use and sale
The Secret Garden reserves the right to modify these terms at any time of sale. Will always use the online version, to replace the previous.

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