El Jardí Secret Seleccionat per "mad'in europe"
El Jardí Secret Selected by Madineurope


Only outstanding European craftsmen.

The hand is the visible part of the brain.” Emmanuel Kant


We select craftsmen among the best of Europe which provide customized services and processing of rare and high quality products . Experience , knowhow, and techniques, are considered. Madineurope és una font essencial d’informació sobre l’excel·lència europea per a particulars i professionals com ara dissenyadors, architects , events designer, antiques and other. Craftsmen and craftwomen offer true luxury single piece. bring to life our cultural heritage by integrating modernity and today's trends.

(translated and expanded text from http://madineurope.eu/home/home/)


El Jardí Secret Selected by Madineurope
El Jardí Secret Selected by Madineurope


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