Exhibition “in RESTORATION”

Collaboration of El Jardí Secret® with the perfumes that act as props in the exhibition.

“From the interiors of BARROCS references, to the times of MODERNISM”

This CHROMA'S exhibition exhibition (Restoration of the architectural heritage), Crafts can be seen in Catalonia.

Dels interiors de referents barrocs als del temps del modernisme in RESTORATION fa un itinerari entre 250 years of history in Catalan key. We traveled from the so-called century of lights, in the Baroque style (XVIII) until the intense transformation of the Catalan culture that becomes the renowned Modernisme (XIX-XX).

Aquest espai cronològic és modifica ràpidament i els períodes s’encavalquen enriquits per tendències molt diversificades. Some Exhibits respond to various questions, Getting dressed? How to decorate homes? What to inner applied arts?. all us into spaces to contemplate elements to discover it. Bars that become experiential as show time Small scenes time. Colors, smells, arts, objects, maps transformed to fit every time.

Within the exhibition displays a privileged restoration direct order to return to its original objects. In this workshop, visitors can participate in some processes restoration, create plaster and paint them as processes and each time discover its simplicity and beauty.

The objects and beautiful - old- arriving today, and what recover to its original appearance, give us insider  which have lived and help us to recover our memory history.

Three drafts recreating the three seasons of the show, polished and restored historical studies I made at different times of my career, about three times:

Baroque: perfumes reappear in natural scents that could be smelled in the fields of the nobility, only that could try to escape the pestilence rooted urban.
neoclassical: period too short for the evolution trend of perfumes, but it marks a distance past the previous scents, Looking odors field with soft agreements that bring simplicity.
Modernism: figurative explosion of perfume in the proliferation representative nature.