Eau de Perfume

Natural perfume, in a single piece of blown glass.

Once upon a time , a girl whit bright black hair in a long braid , her bare feet , immersed in the coolness of the floor. Her eyes closed to the moon , which trough the windows bathed her with the fragrant scents of the oriental nights. her thoughts were flying towards …

Sari eau de parfum single piece

In the Top Artisan Fragrances awards 2017 in the United States, Sari, with 23.5 from 25 stars, reciving the Top Judges Selection award”

5 stars Aroma
5 stars
Ingredient combinations
4,5 stars
4,5 stars
4,5 stars

Launch 2 November 2017

Note: The butterfly was created by Garry Killian – Freepik.com

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