2020 in visual smells – Week 12

The smell of this creation, will be able to be smelled , when the situation caused by Covid-19, allow it.

This week you can not smell the fragrance given the extraordinary situation of this pandemic that has invaded, you could do when everything calms down.

The covid-19, has locked us in our home, initially fortnight, although we know it will be longer.

Artisans from all over have closed shops , workshops, canceled ·works, exhibitions and events. Not everything can be managed online from one day to another, before bills rentals, freelance , taxes and supplies, turn the little button of banks with msg “your account –, is out of balance” because neither the store nor the closed market makes a profit spanish government has positioned more loving to rescue banks than citizens; in confiscating sanitary material to those who have foreseen it, to whom it does not want to confine, playing god role rather than a solver; to disperse the military by playing the Spanish anthem as if they where on tour, before empowering technicians who are already developing healthcare solutions where on Tour , before empowering technicians who are already developing healthcare solutions; to contradict, to contradict, threaten and insult the Catalan Government, which supports the population even with the sticks on the wheels that the spanish government is placing to hide the lack of courage needed to confiscate , the properties and values ​​of a crown that came with one empty hand and the other attached to a dictator's, to provide ALL that the population needed , instead of waiting for the reduction of pensions for selective death..

And here we are, applauding with our hearts, to the healthcare workers and all those who do the tasks so that the pulse of the population centers does not stop beating , singing the Bella Ciao and whatever is needed from our homes with a loud voice and working with artisan conscience .

Feeling we are grouped together as one people , Online twinned with Italian artists and artisans, Spanish, French, American, Asian ………

Maybe when it will be over, we will have no shops , or workshops, or market places, for now we are here and now we have time and mentality to reinvent ourselves..

Torneu a 2020 in visual smells

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