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From 17 May to 1 June 2014 you can enjoy, within the framework of Tiana Ancient 2014, from interpretation of representative pieces from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, the Barroc and Classicism, in four environments charismatic Tiana:
* La Masia de Can Roca
* Masia Can PARXET and
* La Sala Albéniz
In these spaces, known artists specializing in early music, We offer the mastery of knowledge.
Ariel Abramovich i Paul Kieffer
Silva Sirens
Catalan Baroque Orchestra
The Secret Garden wanted to add to the festival, acclimating concert environment in which it participates, with fragrances l’època reproducing and spreading in the form of their usual support.
A humble and respectful homage to the music that shares part of its perfume language.


agenda of participation


Program 2014
Italian music s.XVII

Ambientació perfum “Time Fugit "

In this period the fragrance highlights the social condition of that the exhibits through different elements leads: stuff, Fans, Necklaces, Scarves, wigs, perfumed gloves…
The fragrance of your perfumes often were obtained by mixing various elements, not always the plant world…, ni morts… and distilled·Installing them after, but usually used fruits and flowers of orange, rose, Jasmine, violet and lily, others, mixing them with exotic elements from the East and West Indies as.
The French court is dictated and promotes the use of perfumes, the rest of Europe with a king, Louis XIV, absolutament apassionat per la perfumeria i que acaba sent al·allergic to all perfumes except the orange blossom.
Rather, churches kept alive the traditional cremation resins, wood and aromatic plants Looking for an appropriate environment for ascending and fragrant dialogue with divinity.

Time Flies was inspired by the simplicity of the scented oils lamps subtly, the·Lumina recognize recollection of, while absorbed the nuance empolsat i Floral passage of parishioners.


Instruments Medicare False dand RopePolsada
Art The Medieval la “Péñola

Ambientació perfum “Prop l’ermita”

The concert includes a wide historical period that the s.XIII nd to XV, time that perfumes meddle timidly in Europe after a long rejection, Promoted by Catholic Church that classifies inadequate achieve la puresa de les ànimes.
Els croats Returning with delicate perfumes, water roses, the still and the coil, that fan possible perfumes based alcoholic was the first creation Europe appears to s. XIV “L’Aigua de la Reina d’Hongria” feta d’esperit de vi i de romaní.
Another determines the intensive use of perfumes: Plague. The people suspecting that the water involved in its propagation, move away from this element and take refuge in the prophylactic properties of herbs and other fragrant items like "Apples amber", Gold and silver balls for the noble and wood for the poor, where you keep items fragrant with the belief and hope of an effective protection against the disease.

At this time the stench was prominent in urban centers contrastant amb l’efímer estat fresc de la gran quantitat de plantes aromàtiques i fruits acabats de collir, “Prop Hermitage ", has been prepared based on the maceration oil for recreation environment vegetal medieval, evoking nature a subtle perception fragant.

Programa complert Festival Tiana Antica 2014

Program 2014




Revista Musical Catalana

Very little is needed to keep blowing. Everyone can participate!

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