I expose myself

White hair and dust in the bottles of my essence. M'EXPOSO (I EXPOSE MYSELF), comes from a misunderstanding and with this informal origin, I am forced to look at myself, I would say that for the first time, in what has been an increasingly addictive exercise, sometimes … Continued

Ancient, essentially

Literature, art and the dragon Tiana is the cradle of The Secret Garden®, art and the dragon, art and the dragon, art and the dragon, The piece of the world where The Secret Garden was born and the starting point for its inspiration … Continued

la Rosa Groga als Llavis (The Yellow Rose on the Lips)

Cities of the Book and The Lied Factory, in a current and groundbreaking interpretation of the legend of Saint George, starting from La Rosa on the lips of Papasseit and Toldrà, where the dragon, threatens repression.