Experimental perfume at The Craftroom

Creative and experimental perfumes ’El Jardí Secret® at The Craftroom.

The Craftroom has established itself as the showcase for Catalan craftsmanship. This Hall hosts several sections where you can see the products and services derived from the country's crafts. This year held at the Cultural Center El Born.
El Jardí Secret® has presented the perfumes of the exhibition MediterràniaSens and has brought creative perfumery closer to all those visitors who are curious about this field of artisanal perfume that is covered and trapped by consumer perfumery, originals or imitations, and aromatherapy

Tents for direct sales of the most representative crafts of Catalan and Italian crafts, with p.convidat.
Tents Direct sales of most representative Catalan crafts and Italian, as a guest country.

stand amb molt de espai, warmth and heat.

space El Jardí Secret®, warmth and heat.
space El Jardí Secret®, warmth and heat.
program of events, artisanal actions and stories from this world of ours
program of events, craft activities and stories about our world

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