Ancient, a world of smells

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25 Popular planted years, has given the green town, seasoned responsibility and involvement.

Those that guide environment, it's been a few years feigned un tros de tranquil·litat per a persones i animals. A space where shade and light are generous and where the aromatics of the planted species make it tempting.

In this space we have been learning about perfumes, little by little, each year a different part, as it has to be.

This year with 12 spices of them have been planted during these 25 years , we perfumed our fingers and opened a corner to store the smells we will find from now on.


Always about the plants we have hosted in this privileged corner of Tiana, we will discover other gifts that nature gives us, through smelling all its forms


After many years replanting native species, this year will promote the historical aromatic spices of this small garden with the the sea air , always present in the vision of the village.

Tiana smells are present in the streets, cellars and in the kitchens of the restaurants in town; the syllabi of schools and especially in the environment of this location. Aromatic plants such generous in qualities , were more or less , present in our geography. Protect them and to know them is to enrich us with experiences and sensations , that can be applied in many fields .

In this new way that Tiana Medi Ambient begins, we will begin to smell what we plant in its most essential form.

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