2020 in visual smells – Week 2

As a child I traveled extensively on the peninsula. The memory that I have saved so far, from the back window, is the variation , between tones, meals, houses and landscapes. I have always liked to have this memory as I preserve my passage through other countries , but I have only felt part of the lines on our map, some more than others it is true, never coincident but , with my physical environment , but cultural , especially through games, customs and language, which I had to polish on my own, because at school it was censured by ignorant spanish rulers who wanted it forgotten.

to smell only the week 2

If I have never realized where my house is, last years on the streets, in the midst of so many people, I underlined it, identifying in this image what has always been and is, the door of our home.

again 2020 in visual smells

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