Parfums from Tiana in the Hammer Museum – Los Angeles

El Jardí Secret has been chosen by the team of Hammer Museum in Los Angeles (California) to occupy , one of the 42 spaces on AIX Scent Fair, the first international artisan , independent and experimental scent fair , to be presented as a contemporary art museum program.
AIX Scent Fair Los Angeles
AIX Scent Fair Los Angeles

"AIX Scent Fair aims to introduce a new audience to the world of smells highly conceptual" .

"In addition to a selection of international, cutting-edge perfumers exhibiting and selling their work, the free fair will include hands-on workshops, a keynote and panel, and the third Annual Art and Olfaction.

"This non-profit initiative , is the result of a collaboration ·between The Hammer Museum, The Institute for Art and Olfaction, The Art and Olfaction Awards, Olfaction Luckyscent by the team of Hammer Museum in Los Angeles (California).

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El Jardí Secret Selected by Madineurope

The product

logo mediterràniaSens

A splash of perfume with Mediterranean´s undertones
Tiana, Barcelona, Los Angeles 2016
Tiana, Barcelona, Los Angeles 2016

El perfum éThe perfume is a tool full of sensations, not directly be involved in areas where emotions come to the surface . That's why in 2009 I started this journey , to find out how to create and use the perfume as a link with the different cultural and artisitc areas , using its unique language.

MediterràniaSens was born as the union of Josep Delgado and the creative perfume of El Jardí Secret .
The eighteen Mediterranean pictures, were the inspiration source to create each of the initial perfumes . Those fragrances rather than trying to translate the paintings, are purely an expressions of my own perception .

The five perfumes that I have chosen for this limited edition, remaining away from the topic of “pleasant scent” , to play the role of “Storyteller”.

"Et veig Mar" by Josep Delgado
“"Et veig Mar" (I See you Sea)” by Josep Delgado

Two boats "I see" and "sea" can not stop looking at the blue horizon , the source of its injuries..

Boira to the Port by Josep Delgado
“"Boira al Port" (Fog in the port)” by Josep Delgado

Humidity and dense air, a little bit of whisky, maybe Malta , on a rancid wood , dripping in calm· waters.

Brilliant decadence of Josep Delgado
“Brillant decadència (Brilliant decadence) ” by Josep Delgado

Clean air, silence , the wreckage of the ship .

Initially the feeling as few colors and scents , but as you look better, you notice the rest of an abandoned building, and the stagnant waters breaking the sweetness.

The darrera gondola by Josep Delgado
“La darrera góndola (The last gondola)” by Josep Delgado

Coming back from the calm , close the eyes and listen to the sound of the “Serenissima“ harbours , where precious bundles of Oriental goods , are stacked in front of the rich merchants.

The portal of the desert by Josep Delgado
“"La porta del desert" (The gate of the desert)” by Josep Delgado

Between the sea and the dunes , behind the door , lies kindly the sun in the flowery garden , where the dust goes away in the fountain waters and hunger hides behind a honey cake.

Ceramics by Mila Cristobal and Pinto's Olive Tree by Artesania El Jardí Secret

Mila Cristobal pottery, olive branch display by Pinto's Artesania and El Jardí Secret

Completing the thumbnail of amphorae Mila Cristobal, that were the initial exposure testers , Now these pieces are set in an olive branch work by Pinto’s Artesania
Lola 1958 logo

Lola 1958, Solid Perfume inspired by the book “"My house my garden” (1958), especially in its close harmony with nearest nature . Shades of nostalgic fragrances, hidden inside the leaves, which are scattered in the fantasy of the author , Lola Anglada.

Lola 1958 Solid perfume
Lola 1958 Solid perfume

All the way followed by this piece until reach your hands, has been guided by the passion and knowledge of craftsmen , who love their job. Silver leaf, has been created , in all its components , by the skill of the goldsmiths by the skill of the goldsmiths Quim i Ruth Nadal.

Les Fulles del Jardí (The leaves of the garden) - Lola 1958 work of Quim and Ruth Nadal
Les Fulles del Jardí (The leaves of the garden) – Lola 1958 work by Quim and Ruth Nadaland the perfume by El Jardí Secret

The Secret Garden in LA from El Jardí Secret on Vimeo.

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